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Cheeze and Demos 2006

June 10th, 2006 was the 4th annual cheeze and demos party. This was the first year using a projector (at 1024 by 768) instead of the house television. For those who are interested and want to know more, here's a recap of the cheezes and demos this year.


Colby Jack (marbled), brought by Justin P. and Jessica

Muenster, brought by Marianne (Kate's Friend)

Amablu Bleu brought by Justin Melvin

Brie (Presidential), brought by Elijah O'Rear

Cremosina, brought by Larry and Laura

a buttery brie like cheeze
bought from a restaraunt?

Laura Chenik Chevre Goat Cheeze, brought by Eli

bought at Harry's Farmers Market

Suignon Herb and Garlic Goat Cheeze, brought by Eli

bought at Harry's Farmer's Market

Fontina, brought by Mei Lin

bought at Whole Foods Market

Jalapeno Havarti, brought by Mei Lin

bought at Whole Foods Market

Epoisses Berthaut, bought by Thomas Shanks

A semi-soft goat cheeze with a powerful flavor, from France
bought at Star Provisions

Tintus, brought by Corey Slate

a semi-soft sheep cheeze with a fruity, wine like flavor, from Portigal
bought at Star Provisions

Valdeon, brought by Ian Port

bought at Star Provisions, from spain

Shropshire, brought by Ian

An interesting Orange/Blue cheeze from England, with a sharper base type of cheeze than many traditional bleu cheezes
bought at Star Provisions

Pecoriano Romano, brought by Kate

A salty hard Italian cheeze, similar to parmesian

Kraft Mild Chedder, brought by Vilhelm

Grafton 4 Star Chedder, brought by Stephen Culpepper

extremely sharp cheddar from Vermont
bought at Whole Foods Market

Prast, brought by Simon Li

Mimolette, brought by Austin

frequently thought of as one of the best cheezes of the night.
bought at Whole Foods Market

Cypress Grove Midnight Moon, brought by Austin

bought at Whole Foods Market

Red Dragon Cheddar with peppers and ale, brought by Clint

bought at Whole Foods Market

Cracker Barrel Cheddar, brought by Rebecca

Squeezy Cheeze, brought by Paulie ;-)


Most of these programs requre at least a Windows 2000/XP machine in the 1.5 GHZ range with a fairly fast 3D card (the majority require a pixel shader 2.0 or better card), a bit of ram and pretty new drivers and direct X updates. Other productions will be more or less difficult to run dependent on the requirements - I will try to link to videos whenever possible in those cases. The GBA and Spectrum ZX demow will require an emulator (no$gba is preferred for gba, and free elsewhere on the internet), where the amiga demos are significantly more difficult - there's emulators, but you need roms that aren't easy to come by unless you pay for them - ergo I reccomend the video versions.

Anaglyphic 64k Intro – FR-044 ~ Patient Zero by Farbrausch [ Download ]

- 3D! Put on your red-blue glasses! One of the best 3d demos I’ve ever seen
1st place 64k at Simulaatio, June 2005 in Varkaus, Finland

Demo 1 – Iconoclast by Andromeda Software Development [ Download ] [ Video ]

- 1st place demo at Assembly, July 2005 in Helsinki Finland.
Voted People’s Choice for Best Demo of 2005 at

Wild Demo – Poison Ivy by Exceed and Tipogödör [ Download ]

- Interesting video from Function, October 2005 in Budapest, Hungary
Voted best direction of 2005 at

64k Intro 1 – Che Guevara by Fairlight [ Download ] [ Video ]

- 1st Place 64k intro at Assembly 2005
Voted best 64k intro of the year by

Demo 2 – Instant Zen by Synesthetics [ Download ]

- 2nd demo at Assembly 2005, by one of my favorite new demogroups

Wild Demo – Get Inspired by Maxon [ Download ]

- 1st place Wild Demo (short film) from Assembly 2005

Demo 3 – Don’t Stop by Portal Process [ Download ] [ Video ]

- 3rd Place demo at Assembly 2005

4k Intro 1 – Anorgatronikumm by Caldox [ Download ]

- 1ST place 4k at Evoke, August 2005 in Cologne, Germany

Demo 4 – Final Audition by Plastic [ Download ] [ Video ]

- 1st place demo at Evoke 2005.

4k Intro 2 – Borg by Bauknecht [ Download ]

-2nd place at The Ultimate Party, December 2005 in Hemsbach, Germany.

Demo 5 – Insert Coins by Traction and DeMarche [ Download ]

- 2nd Place Demo at The Ultimate Party 2005. Mmmm…nostalga.

4K Intro 3 – Synchroplastikum by Minas and Caldox [ Download ] [ Video ]

- 1st place 4k at The Ultimate Party 2005
Very heavy video card requirements.

GBA Demo – Newton Never Did This, B!+(# by Shitfaced Clowns [ Download ]

- 4th in Demo compo at Stream, September 2005 in Ylöjärvi, Finland.

Demo 6 – Fair Play To The Queen by Candela [ Download ] [ Video ]

- 1st place demo at Birdie, August 2005 in Uppsala Sweden.
Candela for this demo was voted breakthrough performance by for 2005

Intermission – Jesus on E’s by LSD (Amiga 500/2000) [ Download Disk 1 ] [ Download Disk 2 ] [ Video ]

- Made in October 1992, classic Amiga demo, it’s over half an hour long so I use it for a stretch break.

64k Intro 2 – Memories from the MCP by Brain Control [ Download ] [ Video ]

- 1st place 64k at The Ultimate Meeting 2005.

Demo 7– Ballet Dancer by MFX [ Download ]

- 1st place Demo at Stream 2005.
Voted most original concept 2005 by

Experiemental Demo – Barn by The Digital Artists [ Download ]

- 1st place Demo at Inercia, September 2005 held in Porto, Portugal.
This demo is filed as Experimental because it uses commercial music. It's not super weird, it's actually a nice demo to slow dance to....;-)

Demo 8 – Antifact by Limp Ninja [ Download ]
- 1st place Demo at BCN Party, November 2005 in Barcelona, Spain

ZX Spectrum – I Am The Seed by Cyberpunks Unity [ Download ] [ Video ] [ Video ]

- A ZX Spectrum is a primitive beast: it’s like a C-64 with fewer colors. So considering that, this demo is nothing short of a miracle.

Demo 9 – STS-02 – Electric Kool Aid by Synesthetics [ Download ]

- 2nd place PC Demo at Breakpoint, held March 2005 in Bingen am Rhein, Germany

Quickies –

Kagazoon1k [ Download ]

The Story of the Long Box [ Download ]

Esas Invaders [ Download ]

Demo 10 – Animal Attraction by Andromeda Software Design [ Download ] [ Video ]

- 1st place PC demo at The Gathering , March 2006 in Hamar, Norway

64k Intro 3 – Ante Dominum by Traction [ Download ]

- 2nd place 64k Intro at Breakpoint 2005.
If you know what to look for, this demo is loaded up with interesting maths.

4k Intro (Amiga) – Planet Loonies by Loonies [ Download ] [ Video ]

- 1st place Amiga 64k (yes, a 4k won the 64k compo!) at Breakpoint 2005

Demo 11 (Amiga) – Lux Aeterna Luceat Eis by Ephidrena [ Download ] [ Video ]

- 2nd place Amiga Demo at Breakpoint 2005.

64k intro 4 – Meet The Family by Fairlight [ Download ] [ Video ]

- 1st place 64k at Breakpoint 2005.

Demo 12 – Deities by MFX [ Download ] [ Video ]

- 1st place PC Demo at Breakpoint 2005.


I also want to thank the following people for bringing other stuff and being particularily helpful: Ross and Meghan for bringing breads: Thorn for getting the water bottles: Heather(MsDeek), Mei Lin, Becca, Kate, and Jessica (among others) for helping out in the kitchen prepping cheezes (hope your finger gets better MsD!): Ian for using his computer: Will Berry for taking pictures and making fliers: Austin for helping hang the screen: to everyone who helped clean up: to everone who made time to show up, I thank you all. I hope that we keep this going next year.

for information on previous years cheeze and demos parties and their productions, you can go to the [ cheeze and demos archive ]

Peace Out - Paulie

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