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Founder's Day Weekend!

We'll be holding Founder's Day Weekend on Saturday, October 20th and Sunday, October 21st.

Meet us over at the house on Saturday morning at 10am to join us for an alumni breakfast with the active brothers and pledges that area round the house! We'll have the standard fare of eggs, bacon and toast for all alumni to partake in. After breakfast, we'll be making our way over to Malibu Grand Prix in Norcross to race, play and have some fun! Family is welcome to participate as well!

After all the festivities in Norcross are over, we'll be making our way back to the house for those who wish to see our homecoming game against the Army. We'll also be watching some Psi U movie classics in the living room for all to quote and reminisce about. After we're all done with the day activities, as the night comes down, we'll have our annual Octogahedonism!

To counter our jam-packed Saturday, Sunday will be a day of relaxation and lounging around in Piedmont Park. We'll bring some blankets, frisbees, and general park supplies along for everyone to have a relaxing day and catch up with alumni, the current actives, and pledges that come along for the ride.

See you then!

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