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12. After The Battle
22. Brothers All
29. Carmen Ad Psi Upsilon
20. The College Chorus
23. Come, Brothers, For A Song!
11. Brothers, The Day is Ended
2. Dear Old Shrine
13. Evensong
17. The Ever-Lovely Maiden
18. Here We Are Again!
9. Incense from Golden Censers
Songs of the Psi Upsilon Fraternity
30. Initiation Dirge
19. Marching Song
15. Meine Braut
16. Oh, It's Psi U., It's Psi-I U.
26. The Parting Song
31. Psi U's Arising
14. Psi U. Beer
3. Psi U. Doxology
8. Psi U. Fellowship
7. Psi U. Joys
25. Psi U. Lineage
4. The Rho Owl Song
21. Serenade
28. Sesqui Psi U.
6. Psi Upsilon Smoking Song
24. Sons Of Old "Fraternitas"
10. A Stein Song
1. Title Page
27. True-Hearted Sons Of Old Psi U.
5. Welcome, Brothers, Old and Young

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